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Bridget Maynes & Auggie Mendoza


Hire Us

For information on bookings, prices, and availability, contact: 

Bridget Maynes (602)361-4353

- OR - 

*...information is posted when received.



[B&A Productions]

*Performance Mediums For Hire 

*Prices Per Engagement Type (approx.)

*...The "Aug": solo pianist/keyboardist

*...Bridget & the "Aug"  Duo --

Trio --

Quartet --

Quintet --

Sextet --

Septet --

etc. --

Up to 17+ piece orchestra / big band


*...Prices based on Market Value and determined by variables such as: 

-- availability

-- size of Performance Medium

-- duration of Performance

-- location

-- specialty requests

-- etc.

Contact for specifics

*All specifics are determined completely before contract is signed.



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