Robin Maynes -- Cinematographer / Webmaster 





Video by: Robin Maynes -- updated or reviewed on: 1-2-16





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TEASE Rum And CocaCola.jpg (38761 bytes)    Rum & Coca Cola  



    Like Someone In Love

BridgetAug Trio



BridgetAug Duo


    I Thought About You

BridgetAug Duo


    Straighten Up and Fly Right

BridgetAug Duo


    I'll String Along With You

BridgetAug Trio


    Agua De Beber  

BridgetAug Duo



BridgetAug Duo



MayneSwing Singers


    A Foggy Day 

Bridget Quartet


    Lullaby In Birdland BridgetAug Duo


    Come Fly With Me 

Bridget with Clark's Big Band


    You Hit The Spot

Bridget & The Aug Big Band





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